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Hi, Cousins!

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In addition, I will occasionally do the newsletter in video form, but frankly it’s rather time-consuming, largely because I usually want it to look a certain way so I get weird about making things just so. So that only happens every few months.

In recent months, I’ve been writing entries about a new cereal developed by Snoop Dogg. It was originally called Snoop Loopz, and it promised “more marshmallows.” More marshmallows than what, I’m not sure. But I looked in several stores and couldn’t find the stuff.

This went on for months, me looking for Snoop Loopz and being unable to find it. Even in stores that carried other foods by Broadus Foods (that’s his company name), it was no dice.

According to the website, Broadus partnered with Post Consumer Brands (the folks behind Grape-Nuts and Honey Bunches of Oats, etc.) to produce the cereals. They moved away from the Snoop Loopz nameā€”probably to avoid trademark issuesā€”and are all sold under the Snoop Cereal umbrella, with each cereal having its own Snoop-like name.

Finally, I got a note from Cousin Mike about his discovery that the cereal had changed names, and could be found on Amazon. I’m all in, I say, and ordered one box each of the three varieties.

And to thank the Patrons for their patience and support, my wife and I sampled the three cereals and recorded the experience just for their benefit. Just for the giggles I did a regular video newsletter and tagged in the taste test as well.

So if you’re as curious about Snoop Cereal as I was, and you’re looking to support the show, hop on over to Patreon and drop a fiver.