Episode 108–Books on Vinyl

Last week’s show was short, time-wise, and I promised I’d make up for it. And make up, I did, because this is one of my longer non-interview shows, clocking in at 20:30. If you listen to this show during your morning commute, you may have to circle the block a few times before going in to work.

But it’s so packed with stuff that I don’t think you’ll mind. This week we’re looking at songs that were inspired by books, a topic that’s turned out to be HUGE, and we’ll be visiting again in the future if you’re digging it.

As promised here are links to the stories I talked about during the show.

This is the link to “The Sound-Sweep.” It’s a little on the long side, but I think you’ll like it.

This is Ray Bradbury’s “Rocket Man.” I think it was scanned into someone’s computer because there are some weird typos.

Click here for a transcript of this episode.

2 thoughts on “Episode 108–Books on Vinyl”

  1. Hi Claude. Love the show (yes, I’ll rate it). Just started listening a couple of months ago so have much archive to hear and enjoy. I’m watching and enjoying a Talking Heads documentary “Well How Did We Get Here” on YouTube and learned that “Take Me To The River” was co-written and originally recorded by Al Greene and there are other covers. I feel like I must’ve heard that at some point earlier in my life but even so it caught me by surprise. Did you do an episode on this one yet? Seems worthy.


    1. Hi Rick:
      I haven’t even touched the Talking Heads yet, and shame on me for it. This one’s definitely worth exploring in a future Covers show, and I’ll have to find some other TH to focus an entire episode on. Thanks for listening!

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