Episode 91–Under the Covers, Part 5

Holy Moly! The show is back!

For those of you who don’t follow the show on Facebook or Twitter, I’ll be posting the pictures here in another couple of days, outlining the New Studio Project. My return to the Podcast Zone was delayed a little bit by a faulty cable I needed to replace, plus I was getting into a weird funk. But fortunately I got a mental boot in the butt by Greg Yates over at the No Head Trash Nation Podcast. I met Greg a few weeks ago when I was in Orlando and, while he considers himself a relative newbie to podcasting, I’m constantly finding myself saying “Yeah, this guy knows his stuff.” “Holy cow, he’s right.” He and I spoke face to face for about twenty minutes and I’m practically ready to follow him into a burning house. Anyway, Greg’s a smart guy and you should check out his show.

But first, you’ve been waiting forever for this show! And here it is! The songs in this show were actually selected several months ago, and I lost the list. (That does seem to happen to me a lot, doesn’t it.) It turned up when I was cleaning out a computer bag, and I took it as a sign from above. Or from my computer bag, whatever.

At any rate, you probably know that most of the songs I talk about today are covers, but I’m pretty sure I still have a couple of surprises for you. Go check it out.

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2 thoughts on “Episode 91–Under the Covers, Part 5”

  1. The dirty parts of the show – Some people are super sensitive to ANYTHING related to s-e-x. Like if said that Donna Summer had an orgasm while recording the disco version of “I Feel Love” you and I would say yeah, true. They would say “CLAUDE CALL, YOU TALK TO CHILDREN WITH THAT MOUTH?”. That’s the only thing I can come up with. Otherwise the show is squeaky clean. Rock on. New idea The Titles vs The Beatles.

    1. Someone else wrote in via Instagram and noted something I’d said in EPISODE ONE re: the origin of 10cc’s name. Only other thing I could come up with was “Walk on the Wild Side” but I put the disclaimer up front.

      You need to outline that (Turtles? vs. Beatles) show and take over for a week. That’s not my usual bit but I wouldn’t mind hearing a different approach.

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